Blue Tiger's Eye Chips (4oz)

Tiger's Eye, of every color, has a special affinity with the Earth Signs. In blue, it has a special affinity with Aquarius. It has a Projective Energy, its Planet is the Moon and its Element is Water.

Helps us to get through difficult times in our lives without losing our inner voice. It can be used to enhance psychic abilities and attuning the Third Eye. Promotes the balancing of yin/yang energy and helps to settle inner conflicts. It can bring awareness of one's personal needs or the needs of those close to us. It provides a gentle calmness which can allow us to discern the best way to settle inner turmoils. It can have a pain relieving effect. Like cool water, it is soothing. It has been used in the treatment of throat disorders and to improve night vision.

If you are nervous about giving a presentation or speaking in public, keeping a piece of Tumbled Blue Tiger Eye in your pocket can help relax your Throat Chakra, clear any blockages, and form a strong connection with the Third-Eye Chakra, allowing for easier access to the intuition. Because of its association with the Hawk, Blue Tiger Eye is especially helpful to ease one’s fear of flying. It enables one to expand their horizons, often leading to better opportunities.

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